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My daughter has actually never seen The Lady and The Tramp.  If she were to watch it, I am sure she would get a big kick out of the scene where they share the pasta and end in a kiss. I have done that with her myself a time or two and it produces the best giggles out of her. Another favorite for her is to slurp one really long piece up very slowly.  On this particular day, she was doing just that when she said to me “mommy, take a picture of me!”.   She has gotten quite used to the fact that I have the camera every where I go these days.  For the most part she still hides and doesn’t want a photo taken of her. But, at times, she will do one of these sideways looks so she can see what she looks like in my camera review window.  I jump on those opportunities so I can get a photo of her.

I also needed a photo for the day still so it was perfect timing on her part. My son happened to be at my in-laws house since he was sick this day. His dad was going to pick him up so my daughter and I had some girl time together. Another thing that she loves. She loves to say just us girls to the boys in our house. Its our own little club that they are not allowed to be in!

Well, I took a few photos of her slurping up her pasta and this was her favorite one so I chose it as the photo for the day.

Lady and The Tramp Impersonation