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Another photo from our winery trip. Not much to write about for this photo. We left early in the morning to get back home since we had a bit of a drive ahead of us. This photo had some great morning light in it.  I love how you an see the sun kissing these flowers – it looks like it is hugging them with warmth. These tree was so gorgeous and surrounded the entrance walkway to a winery on the east side of the town.  I should have taken a photo from far back to show all of them in their glory.  I could sit and stare of those lovely flowers all day. What a view these residents get all the time.

But it was time to head home so we couldn’t stay long. We will remember the view and them memories and come back again soon.  The kids were happy to see me when I got home as was my sister’s daughter. Our spouses missed us as well for various reasons and we all know one of them was because mom’s sure do a lot wit the kids and it sure was nice to have us home to help again! ;0)

Pretty in Pink Blooms