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The night I took this photo my son was at my in-laws house recovering from being sick. The day I got home from my trip with my mom and sister, he woke up from his nap with a fever of 100. It steadily rose to 102 within the next couple of hours. He immediately went back down for another three hour long nap; his body fighting the germs.  When he woke we were able to get him to take some medicine, thanks to my friend Katie. My husband had gone out and I was home with my son and he was so hot and I couldn’t find the medicine so she stopped and got us dinner and meds.  The fever broke by morning but we wanted him to stay home to rest before going back to day care the next day.

At this age if one isn’t sick the other usually is. Thankfully we are getting to the point where there are bigger stretches between viruses and colds.  Since my son was with his grandparents, my husband offered to pick him up. So, it was just me and my daughter until then. She really likes to help me cook so I asked her is she wanted to help prepare dinner. I need to get her a stool, until then she uses one of our dining room chairs.  She loves to stand on it and help me at the kitchen counter.

When I took this photo we were just cleaning up some of the crumbs left behind from the bread that went into the oven. As you can see her idea of cleaning them is the shove them onto the floor, not use a sponge and brush them into the sink. In the lower portion of the photo just the tip of our dogs head can be seen. She was not about to miss out on an opportunity to eat up all those crumbs!

Mommy's Little Helper