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Another one of those days where the following was happening:

  •  I was tired, what’s new?
  • I had my camera in my purse all day but was so busy at work that I didn’t take a photo.
  • I usually walk on Wednesdays but on this one I didn’t so I lost that photo opp.
  • I cooked dinner for the kids as soon as I got home.
  • I was doing stuff around the house when I realized, oh no – I have not taken a photo. What can I take a photo of?
  • It was dark outside and I was being lazy and didn’t want to get out the tripod.
  • A 365 project is not easy

In the end, I took this photo of this cork holder my sister gave me. It sits on a shelf in our kitchen collection some of our favorite corks. Some of them have some pretty neat designs on them.

Cork Holder