Each year the Alumni Relations office where I work welcomes back alumni to campus for a weekend long event. Its a great chance for friends to reconnect and catch up. I used to work in Alumni Relations earlier in my career and really enjoyed engaging with the alumni when they returned to campus. It was great learning what life was like for them on campus as well as what they are doing in the present.  It is a lot of work, but worth it for all the enjoyment the alumni get out of it.

One of the easier parts of the job is deciding food choices. Well, actually, that is probably not an easy part of the job. Its hard to know what everyone will like. There will always be someone that isn’t please with the meal. I don’t envy the people that make those choices.  As a colleague in the same division whom happens to work in the same house as Alumni Relations, I got to take part in deciding on dessert.

Such a hard gig!  We were working hard one Friday and we were asked if we wanted to sample some of the desserts for the dinner event.  We needed to narrow it down to just one. As you can see in the photo below, we did a very thorough job of tasting the desserts.  There were more on the counter than I could fit in my camera view.  We decided on a shortcake type dessert, if I remember correctly.  Although we felt it was the one the masses would like the best, they were all incredibly yummy!!

Dessert Anyone?