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This photo was taken on Easter Sunday. In the photo is my cousin and second cousin her youngest child.  Isn’t she the cutest little baby??  My cousin hosts Easter at her house each year, along with Thanksgiving. She has taken over for our grandmother whom used to hose those events for our big family.

We were running late for the party, traffic on the freeway – what’s new!  When we got there the Easter egg hunt started right away. The kids were slow to get into it since they were adjusting to all the people at her house. But they picked up the pace and found some eggs for their basket. My daughter was more interested in the goodies inside the eggs.

After the egg hunt we had lunch together. Then the kids played some more in the yard. At one point I was pushing some of them around in this toy car on the grass. They got a big kick out of that and I have some great photos my mom took of my kids when it was their turn.

It was a fun day with our family and the kids were pooped! The took a great nap that day.

Happy Easter