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I remember the night I took this. It had been a busy day at work and I didn’t get a chance to take a photo during the day.  Then, when I got home I was busy with stuff around the house and the kids. You know how it goes, you need to get dinner ready, get them fed, get them batched, changed into pj’s, do stuff for yourself, etc. An evening can go by pretty quickly with all the regular routines of a family of four, plus a dog.

Plus, on this night in particular I remember having a really hard time with my allergies. I decided I would take a benadryl to help fight them off. About thirty minutes after taking it I got very sleepy. My son wanted to come lay down with me and read his books while I read mine. I was trying my best to keep my eyes open until he fell asleep and then I remembered, I have not taken a photo!!

In my sleepy haze I grabbed my camera, feeling thankful I left it on my night stand. I turned it on, rolled over and took one of my son. I turned it off and fell asleep within minutes. Apparently my son did too and my husband moved him to his bed.  Phew – that was a close call, I might have missed my daily photo!

Nighttime Routines