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After a long day, these two fell asleep together on the couch. She loves to snuggle with her daddy.  She has always been a daddy’s girl.  Interestingly, looking at this photo now, we are trying to work with her on her sucking habit. We don’t want to wait too much longer – it’s already three years in the making.  The longer she maintains the habit, the harder we fear it will be to break it.

We haven’t read too much about how to go about it just yet. We are trying some ideas we have come up with on our own. I’ve been talking with her about the bumps the sucking is causing on her fingers. She definitely doesnt want to make them worse so she is trying to remember not to put her fingers in her mouth. We play a game of how you can sleep with her hands; where to put them other than your mouth. She likes to stack her hands and put them under her head.

We are also trying a sock on her hand when she goes to bed. That seems to be helping as well.