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I took this photo on Mother’s day after breakfast. We took my husband’s mom out for breakfast to her favorite local restaurant.  They had balloons everywhere inside!  The kids immediately started asking for one. Lucky for us, my in-laws frequent this place often have been doing so for many years now.  Its been a part of their routine to eat her once a week for longer than I’ve known my husband.

The waitress that serves them has seen my children grow from babies to infants to toddlers.  As soon as they asked for a balloon she gave them one. My son lost his while we were eating. It flew up to the ceiling out of our reach. He didn’t seem to mind. My daughter was worried hers would get lost. She asked us to tie it onto her wrist.

When we left the restaurant, I wanted to get a picture of her walking behind her brother and father with that balloon.  It just so happened that as I was setting up the shot, she turned around the look for me. I liked the picture so much better with her facing me while hugging her stuffed animal.  The image of her just standing there while father and son walk off is so precious to me.

Mother's Day