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I remember the Wednesday night I took this photo well. I went from work to pick up the kids from school and then drove to my friends house.  We had dinner with her and her son.  After dinner we decided to take advantage of the longer day light and walk to the park near their house.  It was still cooler on this evening so we made sure the kids had their jackets on before heading out. We also grabbed a cup and poured ourselves some wine to enjoy at the park.

On our walk to the park, we came across this gentleman and his dog whom happened to be one of her neighbors. We were laughing because of our red cups with wine in them. But it got better after that. When my daughter saw the dog she wanted to pet him. So she proceeded to hand my friend the three items in her hand. Items we didn’t know she escaped from the house with.

They were a toy car, another toy of her friends and the foil cutter (of all things!) for the wine bottle. We busted up laughing when we saw what the little klepto was carrying with her.  It was too funny.  Every few minutes at the park we had to stop and just laugh about it. That was a fun time with our friends.

Time with Friends