This was taken on a Sunday. We spent the afternoon with our realtor looking at homes in the area.  This one was very interesting.  I am not sure how to begin with a description of it. The first sense that something was off was hit me when we entered the driveway. The carport was changed into this weird little room which was located in front of the door. To this day I am not sure what the purpose was. Then, you walked into the home and its so uneven from all the years of shifting.  The floors tilt down at an angle. That has to be unnerving for the people that live there.

The walls were an interesting stucco job; heavily textured.  There was one bathroom completely remodeled and brand new. It stuck out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the house.

We found some stairs that led down to this huge play room – I think that’s what it was. It was just a room on the lower level that wasn’t space they needed to find something to do with. That room led to the back yard. It was an interesting yard. It was dual level. As I took this photo I was standing on upper part of the yard looking down at the lower part. There was a brick wall along the bottom half that would be so easy for the kids to fall over.

The dirt was cracked on the lower half, there was this old play set and a doll with a head missing. Images of Alfred Hitchcock ran through my head.  Unlike most people whom would probably high tail it out of there once they realized it wasn’t a fit, I ran back up the stairs to get my camera; teasing my agent that this kind of property was now immortalized in my photo yearbook. She threatened to hurt me if I told her name. Ha!  Her secret is safe with me and this house is not a sign of the type of work they do at all. They do stellar work and the properties we saw after this were very nice. This was one of those rare, oh my gosh what is this kind of properties that you don’t realize is going to look like this until you get there.

Creepy House