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One of my favorite subjects to photograph are my kids when they are sleeping. As an adult, when you get into a funky position in your sleep you end up with a knot in your neck or shoulder making it impossible to turn your head in a certain direction without sharp pains.  I’m literally dealing with that right now as I write this post and I have had this knot for about a week now.

As a child, we slept in the funniest positions and yet never end up with kinks in our bodies. Ah to be that elastic again! But, back to my point. When I find my kids in that type of position, I try to be as quiet as possible and get a photo of them. That is how this photo ended up being day 230’s photo. Just looking at the way my son’s neck is twisted makes me want to rub mine!  It might be time to move him to a toddler bed soon. He is growing so fast.

My Funny LIttle Sleeper