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This photo was taken on the day my daughter turned three years old. Her birthday was in May (yes – that’s how far behind I am!).  We celebrated on the day of her birthday with my immediate family: mom, sister, brother-in-law, niece and nana my brother-in-law’s mother. We had decided a while back that we would have a part for both our daughter and her brother in June, which is in between both of their birthdays. Its just easier that way while they are still so young.

But, we wanted to do something special for each of them on the actual day of their birthdays. On this day, we drove to my sisters home and had a barbecue for her. The kids played with the water toys in the back yard, we had snacks and eventually dinner. Then we had cupcakes from a local bakery. Our daughter helped pick them all out.  Lastly, she got to open her gifts.  She had a lot of fun on her special day.

This photo is of one of the water toys. I love how to two streams of water kept hitting each other!

Cool Water