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The first week of June my husband traveled to DC for 3 nights for a conference for work. The first night he was gone the kids were sad to see him leave. They didnt like the idea of not seeing him for four days. The day he got home it was so late they were in bed so it was one extra day before they got to see him.  Back to that first night … I told them they could lay down with me before we went to bed for book time since they were missing their dad.

Well, we fell asleep together and I didn’t have the heart to move them so I let them stay there. We started with each of us on a pillow laying in a normal position. In the morning I was jockeying  for space and trying not to fall off the bed. This was how I found them! Needless to say, they spend the rest of the week while daddy was gone in their own beds!!

Sleeping Beauties