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Its funny to me that kids find enjoyment in the most simple things. Our kids are not lacking toys in our home, most bought by friends or family members. Really, it is their grandparents that do the most spoiling.  But often, I will find them playing with a simple object like a tupperware container for hours.

It reminds me of this one time I picked them up from day care. When I got to my daughter’s room all the kids were playing with the empty boxes the diapers arrived in. These boxes were pretty big. The kids were crawling in and out of them and turning then into play forts. Us parents were just standing there watching them have a good time. We all commented on who we just need to wrap up a box for a present for them and they’d like that more at this age than a fancy new toy.

Well, the morning I took this photo, the kids were playing with an every day object. Of coure, they decided to play with the laundry basket when I needed it. You can see the laundry stacked on top of the dryer in the background. They were having so much fun twirling each other around that I did not have the heart to stop them. I let them take turns spinning each other. When they were done I finished my chores.