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I have not been looking forward to the day I would need to reflect on this photo. As you can see, it is a self-portrait. I took it with my iPhone while laying in bed. I had been crying as it was the night we found out a very dear friend of our families had died very suddenly and unexpectedly after surgery.  Even though this was not the first time I have received a phone call like this in my life, you are never prepared for that kind of news. Especially about someone who should still have had so many years ahead of them.

This person was someone I considered a surrogate father. I had known his wife since the day I was born. Her and my mom worked together, next door classrooms, for thirty six years. I grew up spending as much time with her as I did my own mother.  When her children were younger I would babysit them while she and my mom would go out. I grew up feeling as close to them as my own sister. To this day I consider them siblings of mine.

When I was in my teens she remarried to this wonderful man that touched all of our lives in a very special way. We lost him on June 10, 2011 due to complications from hip surgery.  It was so devastating and still is. I think about him almost daily.  Even though I know he is with the Lord and I will see him again one day, it’s still hard to say goodbye.  At least its just good-bye for now. I will write more about this with the photo I took on the day of his services.