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Just looking at this photo brings back some fun memories! The night I took this photo. I went to the park with one of my closets friends and her son.  My daughter say with us while we were there munching on the cheese, meat and cracker snacks we brought. All the while the boys were playing in the sand and water. Both of them got mighty wet!!

My son loves playing with her son. He has bigger kid worship going on. Its so cute to see how her son plays with him and how gentle he is, knowing he is so much younger.

After the park visit, we came back to my house to relax over a glass of wine together. My daughter chilled on the couch while the boys played together. They did some bonding on our balcony with bubbles. Then they tore his room apart. Actually, that night, after they left I couldn’t find my sons milk bottle. Months later (that’s how far behind I am!) I found it in his toy cabinet. It was might gross but it made me laugh and remember what a great night we had with them!