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This photo was taken on the first day of our summer vacation.  We decided to do a local trip this year, well semi-local. We didn’t go to far. We went to two different locations, the farthest one being a 2 hour drive and the other one being a one hour drive closer to home.

The first day of our trip we drove to Solvang.  When we arrived we had lunch with the kids and waited for my sisters arrival with her husband and their daughter. After they had a chance to check in and relax, we walked down the main street. We stopped at one of the wine tasting rooms that was kid friendly. They kids had a lot of fun playing underneath the bar area. There was a little space that was perfect for them to sit at.

Then we walked around and visited this cute little park in the middle of the town. That is where I got this shot of my niece playing with her sunglasses. Shortly after leaving there, we decided on an early dinner at the local brewery.  We told the boys to hang out after we were done eating and enjoy a beer together while we took the kids back to the hotel room so they could rest. Along the walk back we made a pit stop at the store for some chocolate!