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Vacation day number two was a busy day for all of us and a lot of fun with memories we will always cherish.  We started off the morning with breakfast at the hotel. Thank goodness for hotels that offer free breakfast when you have such young children. It really helps!

After breakfast, we took the kids to a local spot. It was a trail that ended with a waterfall and small pool of water. The kids enjoyed playing with the rocks in the water, throwing them to see who could make the biggest splash. It was hard to peel them away from the water for the walk back. Before heading out, we decided to stop at the playground for a snack.

Then we drove to a little town just east of Solvang for lunch. While we were there we stopped at one winery for a tasting and then drove to another winery on a massive lot.  The kids loved playing in the grass at that winery.  They didnt last long before they got tired and it was time to head back to the hotel for naps.

While the two littlest kids were napping I went for a swim with my daughter in the hotel pool. We joined everyone in the rooms when they awoke from their naps. After everyone had a chance to collect themselves, we walked into town and had dinner at this great Italian restaurant.  My sister and I shared a delicious bottle of wine. We decided to order a few dishes we liked and enjoyed them all family style, each of us eating a little of each dish.

After dinner, we hung out in the grass area behind the restaurant.  There the kids played while we enjoyed some ice cream, which is when I got this photo.  We wore them out nicely! They slept well that night.