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The third day of our vacation we decided to rent one of those group bicycles for the entire family. We grabbed a flyer about them on our walk home from dinner the night before. The girls loved being in the front seat together. Originally, I was sitting up front and we had my son up front since he is one of the smaller kids. My daughter fit better on the seat in the back between my husband and sister. Well, he did not like it at all! From the second we put the helmet on his he was a mess.  I had to sit in the back row with him and hold his hand. He stared down at the road the entire time and did not smile once. It was pretty funny actually. The girls, meanwhile, are laughing and enjoying themselves immensely.

After we were done with the bike ride we went back to the hotel. My niece was tired and took a nap. While she was napping my husband, our two kids and brother in law went to check out a brewery in a near by city. We had a sampler of their beers. They were really good. My brother in law ordered some to take home with him. Then we hit up another brewery to try theirs out. We love to check out the local brews in an area that you cannot get at home. At this one we ate lunch and when we were done we grabbed some food to take back to my sister.

After she had a chance to eat and we had time to relax in the hotel, we went back out for a walk around town. We ended up at a small diner for dinner, which was good. The kids were pretty worn out that day and didn’t do well at dinner. Then we headed back to the hotel for an early night of just hanging out and relaxing with each other. It was a lot of fun for the kids to be able to run around the room and it was nice and relaxing for the adults to be able to just sit and enjoy each other’s company.