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Vacation day number 5 was a packed day for us and the kids. They enjoyed every minute of it. This is one of my favorite photos from our vacation too.

On this day, we drove to the Santa Barbara area to visit the merry go round with the kids. My daughter loves to sit on the horses all by herself. My mom sat on one next to her. I tried to get my son to sit on one while I held him, but he is a little more timid so I sat on a bench with him. My husband sat at a table next to the merry go round and took photos of us as we passed by.

After the merry go round we walked to this pirate park. The kids loved it. Some of the toy structures squirted water at regular intervals. They would walk up to it and wait for the water and then run away while screaming when they got squirted. It was pretty funny.

We left the park for a visit to the sea center on the pier. The kids loved seeing all the fish at the sea center. My daughter especially loved visiting the touch tanks. The sea stars were her favorite. She is not shy when it comes to exploring through touch. My son on the other hand, a little more timid at this point still.

Then we had lunch at Union Ale our favorite brewery in Santa Barbara. Since the kids were getting tired, we took them back to the hotel for a nap after lunch. Upon waking from their naps, we took them to the beach for the rest of the afternoon until it was time for dinner.

For dinner we ate at Cabos, also a place we frequent when we travel here. We sat on the patio and relaxed over a Mexican food dinner with margaritas. It was a fun day!