This was the last day of our vacation. We started with a trip to the Santa Barbara zoo. The kids love that zoo and so do we for that matter. It is one of the prettier zoo’s I have been too. While there, my daughter fed a girafe some lettuce. It was cool to see how willing she was to do something like that. As a child, I would have been scared. My son falls more into that category, but then again he has my genes. In that sense, its a good thing my daughter has different genes. She – hopefully – won’t suffer some of those sames fears.

After the zoo we went to lunch at the pier in Santa Barbara. We ate at a restaurant that sat on the end of the pier. The kids loved seeing the ocean below us. They kept pointing out all the boats that were traveling by.

Then it was off to the hotel for naps. It will be nice one of these years when we dont have to stop in the middle of the day for nap time. At the same time, I dont mind because I often took a nap myself or snuck in a workout.  After nap, we relaxed at the pool and watched a movie together.

My husband went out to grab food for the kids and my mom. They had a picnic that night in the hotel room while we went to a local wine bistro for a night out alone before heading back the next day. We visited this bistro the last time we went on vacation. It was more enjoyable this time around without the kids in tow.