We decided to turn out balcony into a play area for the kids. Since our condo didn’t sell this summer, we decided it was time to find ways to optimize the space we did have.  That meant, getting rid of the bench and side table we had on the balcony. We used it many times when we were a married couple without kids. We would often sit on the balcony together after work with a glass of wine enjoying the good weather.

After we brought Evy home and then Tyler, we hardly sat out there. So we took those items out and put their new table on the balcony and bought them this three in one easel.  It has a side for chalk, one for dry erase crayons (fantastic invention!) and a roll of paper for painting on either side.

When I took this photo my daughter was playing with the chalk side and my son took the tea set and played with it under the easel.